Executive Secretariat

OBREAL is located in the premises of the University of Barcelona and its main role is to coordinate OBREAL's activities. This entails to:


  • support the Coordination Committee in implementing the research projects
  • coordinate the publication and dissemination of strategies in Europe and Latin America
  • manage the relationship and cooperation between its associated members

Coordination Committee

The President of OBREAL is Prof. Didac Sarrio Ramirez,  who is the current President of the University of Barcelona.
The Executive Secretary is held by Prof. Ramón Torrent, full Professor of Political Economy and Director of the International WTO Chair/Regional Integration at the University of Barcelona.
The Coordination Committee also comprises project managers and researchers.

Our Team

Didac Ramírez Sarrió

Rector of the University of Barcelona and president of OBREAL.
Full Professor (1990) from the University of Barcelona, ​​Doctor of Economics and Business (University of Barcelona, 1989). Doctor of Philosophy and Educational Sciences (University of Barcelona, 1982). Diploma in Business Studies (Finance and Investment) (University of Barcelona, 1984). Degree in Philosophy and Education Sciences (University of Barcelona, 1977 - Special Award). Mercantile Professor (1969). Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Barcelona (1984-1989). Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration at the University of Barcelona (1990-1994).

Ramon Torrent is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Barcelona (UB) and Executive Secretary of the Observatory of EU - Latin America Relations (OBREAL), an International association of leading Universities, Research Centers and Groups of Universities from both the EU and LA.   He was for ten years a member of the Legal Service of the EU Council in Brussels (1988 - 1998), and it’s Director for external economic relations since 1993.

Prof. Torrent is now the Director of the UB's International Chair WTO/Regional Integration, a member of the Advisory Board of the WTO Chairs Programme   and the Director of the UB's International Economic Law and Policy LL.M. Programme (IELPO LL.M. www.ielpo.org).. In addition, he coordinates the participation of the University of Barcelona to the UNCTAD’s Virtual Institute, and is the Director of the online course on “Legal Instruments of International Economic Relations and Regional Integration” (in cooperation with the Fundación CEDDET and the Global Development Learning Network/World Bank).

He has extensively published on issues related to Regional Integration, International Economic Relations and International Cooperation in Higher Education.



Nicolas Patrici
Programme Manager in charge of HE cooperation projects at OBREAL and at the Universitat de Barcelona (ALFA PUENTES; CODOC, AVEMPACE, JISER-MED, ). Project Management at OBREAL in Erasmus Mundus Action 4 Projects (BRIDGES-LAC; PROMHEDEULAC); Fellow researcher at the Observatory of Globalization/WTO-Chair at the University of Barcelona. Deep knowledge of the LAC region and experience in the field of EU and LAC HE & Research. Political Scientist and PhD at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.



Carles Hernandez is OBREAL's Communications & Cooperation Coordinator. Since the beginning of OBREAL, in 2004, he has been responsible for the identification and implementation of various projects for cooperation in EU-communication, some of them also developed with the University of Barcelona. In the area of audiovisual content, he has developed projects like CIUDOC, Cooperates in your daily life, communication system NETWORKS-UNDP, "Juventud Sí Es tema Audiovisual", etc. In the area of ​​information society he has been coordinator of several projects of technology transfer from the EU to Colombia and Panama, especially in Digital Terrestrial Television and technologies for rural areas and isolated areas.



Agustina Calabrese holds a degree in sociology and she is the Financial Coordinator at OBREAL. She has an extensive experience in project management and coordination. She manages the financial content, among others, of the following projects: ALFA BRIDGES, CODOC, IELPO LLM, LINKING GULF MED, EQUAM, Juventud sí es tema audiovisual and JISER MED at OBREAL - UB. She has also managed technical assistance projects funded by the European Commission at the University of Barcelona and OBREAL projects in Erasmus Mundus Action 3: BRIDGES-LAC and PROMHEDEULAC



Zeineb Mazouz is Project Manager and Researcher at the Universitat de Barcelona - OBREAL in the Mediterranean region. Project Manager of the Erasmus-Mundus Action 3 Project: JISER-MED and Member of AVEMPACE's selection committee (EM Action 2). Member of the IELPO LL.M. Programme Coordination team at the Universitat de Barcelona. Languages, Political Science and International Relations background.



Altagracia Cuevas coordinates the Master of Laws in International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO LL.M.), University of Barcelona. She graduated in law and working with different projects OBREAL is managing in Europe and Latin America.



Olga Bogurina Kovalkova currently is a research assistant UB International Chair WTO/Regional Integration and the  Project Manager in the European Union – Latin America Observatory (OBREAL).  She has a wide experience in the  organization and the coordination of the European Union’s programmes (TEMPUS,  ERASMUS) which supports the 2nternational of the higher education and promotes the 2nternationalization specifically in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Latin America. Ms. Bogurina obtained her degree in Political Science and Administration (Hons.) from the University of Barcelona and she pursued the Master of Laws in International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO LL.M.).   She is fluent in Spanish, Russian, Bielorrusian, English and Catalan.


Caterine Vila Fagundes is a researcher at the higher education area of OBREAL. Caterine has a degree in History from PUCRS Brazil and P.h.D. from the University of Barcelona in Education.



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