International Economic Relations and Regional Integration

OBREAL’s vision is that it is central to create a global outlook of the trade and financial negotiations that take place at the regional, bi-regional and multilateral levels, while also taking into consideration their impacts on integration processes in Europe and Latin America. 

Accordingly, the goal of this area is to develop activities and studies that focus on the changing international economic landscape, the evolution and challenges facing bi-regional relations, and the role of both regions in the World Trade Organization, among others. Regarding regional integration in particular, the aim is to analyze the various economic dimensions of the European Union. The aim is also to analyze the evolution and challenges of the Latin American integration processes in light of the different notions of regionalism at stake and the role of external actors in the dynamics of such processes.

In this context, OBREAL has undertaken actions to stimulate reflection on the domestic factors determining trade policy, on regulatory frameworks and on the opportunities to increase economic competitiveness and investments flows from the private sector.